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Branded an enemy

L'Cie have no fate

『キラです』マヨキ x☆x
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about me

Loves Kaji Masaki :: Can’t draw :: Loves Fujiwara Yuuki :: Makes a futile attempt to speak Japanese :: Loves reading :: Worships Top Gear :: Loves cars :: Obsessed over Tenimyu :: Can ice skate without falling on my ass :: Bleeds coffee (black plskthx) :: Makes a considerable amount of spelling and grammar mistakes :: Loves anything pink, sparkly and girly :: Loves D-Boys :: Shops way too much :: Owns a ridiculous amount of make up, shoes, bags and clothes :: Is a science, maths, politics and economics geek :: Has an opinion on just about everything :: Never grew out of wanting to be a princess :: Also making attempts at butchering the Mandarin Chinese language by speaking it
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